Why is it important to read?

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Have you noticed that many successful people find time to read books? Some read early in the morning; some allocate at least 60 minutes to read at night, like Bill Gates.

Warren Buffett, considered the most successful investor globally, starts every morning by reading books and news. He recommends reading 500 pages a day to anyone who wants to achieve a lot in life. He has the support of Elon Musk. Whenever he is asked how he learned to build rockets, he answers: “I read books.” True, at the rate he reads, he swallows them. (I wish I could read as fast, too).

Why do you need to read for at least 10 minutes a day?

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If the examples above still don’t convince you of the benefits of reading, here are 12 more reasons worth considering.

To learn

Studying UX design and foreign languages, I became convinced of one thing: no podcasts and YouTube videos will give you such a deep knowledge as a book. Especially with notes in the margin.

Education research proves that complex and voluminous material is better absorbed from a paper book than from a screen. And how do you feel more comfortable learning something new? Share your thoughts.

To escape

It turns out that even walking and music can’t compete with reading. Reading helps escape boredom and reduces stress levels by 68%, as proven by scientists at the University of Sussex (UK). Hmmm…

If you sometimes have palpitations or muscle tension, doctors suggest reading for 6 minutes. No longer is necessary for positive results, and if you need to normalize blood pressure, increase the reading time to 30 minutes. I haven’t tested it, but the observations are worth noting.

To validate beliefs and strengthen convictions

For a long time, I have noticed that when I read a book that is close to my convictions and outlook, it strengthens my position in life. If I have to read a work where the characters or the author have different beliefs, I am constantly reminded of a simple truth: like many people, so many opinions.

To know we are not alone

When I first moved to Germany, I felt lonely. But as soon as I immersed myself in a book, fiction or nonfiction, it disappeared. So if you are in a new town, a new country, without any friends yet, spend time with the perfect companion — a book.

Find new ideas

Have you ever had the feeling that when you read to the middle of the book, you already knew how it would end? Or maybe from the first chapters, you could name the main villain in the detective? This is no accident. It is proven that reading develops analytical skills. It helps you discover patterns and solve problems, generate new ideas and even have the energy to implement them.

Be inspired

Some books trigger the process of idea generation. And some bridge from reflection to action. It can be an inspiring success story, a book about overcoming obstacles or nonfiction, after which there is a clear plan of action.

By the way, I noticed that books most inspire me without the appeals of lauded motivators like “Stop whining, take it and do it,” “Believe in yourself!”, “Do it right now”…

And what about you?

To learn to think

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” This thought by the politician Joseph Addison has remained true for over 300 years. I completely agree with it, because reading trains one’s attention, memory, ability to concentrate, and imagination.

Stay teachable

The more we read, the longer our ability to learn persists. Because the mind remains flexible and we are open to new knowledge, to analyzing and systematizing large amounts of information.

Gain courage

A good book, which fell into our hands at the right time, helps to muster the courage to change the hateful job, find your place in life, and stop drifting.

Learn to write

Reading is great for expanding vocabulary and improving writing skills. We even adopt the writing style of books that we are close to. And we learn to express our thoughts more clearly and concisely by choosing accurate phrases.

By the way, if you are reading specifically to write better, bestselling authors advise learning the writing techniques used by your favourite writers.

Stretch our mind

What is mental flexibility? It’s our brain’s ability to adapt thinking and behaviour to changing or new situations.

To develop it, you need to ask yourself the right questions as you read: what would I do in this situation? Why don’t I understand the actions of an individual character and how he would have acted? How would the story change if the character chose a different communication style, a different line of behaviour?

After an exercise like this, it’s much easier to accept a different point of view. And I’ve also noticed that it’s much easier to respond to constructive criticism at work with this approach.

Be tolerant

Literature awakens the humanity in us.

Books simulate a million situations that can happen to people in real life. Reading a family saga or someone’s life story, you involuntarily let everything that happens to the characters pass through you. Together with them, you look for a way out of the situation.

This allows you to enrich your social baggage and better understand those whose lifestyle, experience, faith or worldview differs from yours.

How do you read more consciously?

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You’ll say, “Great. You’ve convinced me that reading is useful. But what if I don’t have time to read 500 pages a day?”

If you can’t read more, you need to read more consciously.

To do this, you can:

  • schedule time to read in advance;
  • determine the areas of reading and knowledge you want to progress in;
  • set goals before you start a new book, especially if it’s nonfiction;
  • read to put the information into practice;
  • create a mind map as you go along;
  • to regularly share the opinions of books I have read;
  • enjoy the process of reading.

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