Top 5 art places in Berlin


As a designer, ideas don’t spring up on their own. Insights don’t just appear at will. You have to feed your mind with information and develop understanding actively. If this is the case, here are my favourite Berlin art venues to get inspiration for any project.



The gallery, which is housed inside the (former) church of St. Agnes, showcases the work of more than 40 contemporary artists.

There is something for everyone, and the design of the exhibits is spectacular! There’s usually something conceptual and unusual on view here, like something from outer space. The shows include sculptures, videos, paintings, prints, photography and performance art.



Prepare for light, audio-visual and interactive installations in the dark rooms of the former factory. Here the boundaries between the natural world and the digital world are blurred. Music, light and sounds flow through the seven rooms in different ways. Each of the rooms is a visual attraction with places to lie. You can get lost in these cosmic and mysterious landscapes for an hour or more. Watch the time!

The WOW! Gallery Berlin — Selfie Museum


A place with lots of excellent photography locations. The different backgrounds let you get creative, take fun and experiment with photography. You can also find changing facilities and places to touch up your makeup.

You can have fun for an hour and a half with your friends here and then reminisce about it repeatedly while looking at photos in the cafe!

Techno, Berlin and Greater Freedom


If you’re inspired by techno-culture and its narratives, it’s worth visiting the exhibition “Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit” at Kraftwerk Berlin by the end of the summer. I’m sure it will be a unique experience, as the space of the old power plant is enormous and fascinating. It’s full of history!

Computer Games Museum and pixel art


Here’s where you’ll find plenty of gamer-friendly interactions to suit all tastes! You can play vintage games, machines, consoles and computers at the museum until closing. You can also develop ideas for improving a match in terms of design.

Where would you recommend going in Berlin for a new experience?

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