8 Must-have Websites to Master UI/UX Skills

4 min readJul 5, 2024


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To gain and improve your UI/UX design skills, you need theoretical knowledge and access to practical resources that will help you realise quality and attractive projects.

In this publication, I’ve collected eight websites indispensable for anyone aspiring to become a UI/UX design pro.

Design Principles

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First on the list is Design Principles. This open-source resource and collection of design principles will help you create better products and user interfaces.

The collection includes 197 examples and 1457 design principles. The principles covered include aspects such as visual hierarchy, contrast, balance, and more. This variety makes the resource indispensable for any designer.

Lessons Design

Lessons Design website offers unique lessons, insights, and examples of successful case studies. It’s an excellent resource for those who want to deepen their knowledge and be inspired to improve their design skills.

There are reflections on the importance of conceptual models, tips on simplicity and minimalism, and how being a designer shapes you as a person.

Hey Design

If you’re looking for simple guides to creating great design systems, Hey Design is just what you need. This site offers functional and accessible resources (tools, books, starter kits, and example design systems) to help you bring everything to a system and make Design more user-friendly and effective.


Logiaweb is an online community of 2300+ designers where you can start from scratch to learn UX design and reach a level where you will sell your services for thousands of dollars. You will find everything you need on the site to grow in UX and web design.

Component Gallery

Are you looking for inspiration for your project? Component Gallery offers examples of UI components to help you find fresh design ideas. It’s a valuable resource for a quick overview of current trends.

You can also use Component Gallery as a reference resource by quickly searching the site.

Laws of UX

Laws of UX is a simple website that explains the fundamental principles of user experience and the laws of Design. This resource will help you better understand how users interact with your products and how to improve their experience and impressions.

It is a collection of best practices based on various laws (e.g. Fitts’, Hick’s, proximity or similarity laws) and effects (in particular, the impact of consistent position or von Restorff’s effects of isolation) that you can refer to when creating your products and applications.

Humane Design

Humane Design is a site for those who prioritise humanity, safety, digital well-being and user ethics when creating digital products and apps. Here, you will find guidelines and principles for making more humane products.

Checklist Design

Checklist Design is a resource where you’ll find detailed and handy checklists to ensure your Design meets all standards.

So, gaining and improving UI/UX skills requires constant learning and practice. By utilising resources such as Design Principles, Logiaweb, Component Gallery, Humane Design and others, you can improve your skills and create better and more attractive products that users love.

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